Our Team
Alberto García Martín
Partner, Finance
Ana María Barba Pujol
Partner, Management Systems 
Our mission:

We are a strategic consultancy  company;  our main goal is to identify and foster the strengths of our clients and minimize its weaknesses. How? Optimizing its modus operandi at all levels, creating synergies and standardizing process, through an improvement action detailed proposal: costs reduction, financial resources optimization, management systems implementation, etc... Every action must provide the legal compliance requested for any kind of business by means of an integral legal advisory service. 


Our advisory services are mainly focused to Family Business Companies, Start-ups and Medium and Small Businesses,  for its professionalization, kick off or ongoing business. Furthermore we analyze and prepare organizational reestructuring and financial operations that guarantees our clients business continuity, potential and success.  


Our services are aimed at your success, providing you the best tools based on financial efficiency, continuous improvement and compliance.  

Compromise -------- Availability  -------- Experience -------- Trust -------- Professionalism

 We stand in our international experience to provide you a global service solution. Your trust and our reliability are key to your business success. 

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